Unicode to Bijoy Converter

Unicode to Bijoy Converter


How to Convert SutonnyMJ bangla text to Unicode Text or Mobile supportable bangla text?

To convert Bijoy Bangla text to Unicode text please paste your SutonnyMJ bangla text in the second text-box. Then 'To Unicode' button. You will found unicode text in the first text-box.

How to Convert mobile text to Bijoy bangla text for MS word?

If you copy Bangla text from any chatting app or from any website and you want to use it to MS word and want to edit by SutonnyMJ. Then, firstly paste the text to first text-box. Click 'To Bijoy' button. Then you will found targeted bijoy bangla text to second text-box.

Not seeing text in second text-box

If you using mobile. May you wont see the text in second text-box. If you using Computer then not seeing the text then download SutonnyMJ font and install this.

How to download and install SutonnyMJ font?

Click here to download SutonnyMJ Font. Regular, Bold, Italic, BoldItalic, these fonts available in this zip file. Click mouse-right-button on the zip file to unzip it. Then click mouse-right-button on every font and click 'install'.